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Rue Eisen


Why Should I Take These Meditation Classes?

Meditation can positively change your life. It can help you to broaden your perspectives and help you to feel and express deep understanding, reason, and compassion. Through it, you can learn to help yourself not only clarify your thoughts and emotions but also increase your sense of balance and inner wisdom.

Your sense of freedom and creativity can be expanded. Your relationships with family, friends and co-workers can be eased, more productive, and deepened. Your awareness and insights can be ever-increasing. A sense of overall well-being can be achieved and sustained in your life. The lessons and tools that are given in these classes can help you to learn ways to achieve these life-altering results.

About The Pathways Classes

The classes offered in the Pathways series were first transmitted by the Seraph Temier through a rare merged mediumship with Sam Holland.

The classes are a combination of presentation, guided meditation, and discussion and are designed to help individuals better understand their foundations and utilize those foundations to support their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and growth.  

These meetings will help you to gracefully create a new internal balance. They will permit you to discover the productive changes that are needed on your personal path. They will help build stability even if there is disorder around you.

This will result in a better understanding of your individual potential, which then can lead to a greater expression of your personal power. And that’s a really good thing!

Ultimately, and more significantly, as you maintain a stable balance you help to create a more balanced world and a greater sense of belonging…

Meditation Classes

Discovering and maintaining a state of knowledge, wisdom, and grace is important especially in light of the polarizing energies and political situations happening in our world. At times, we can find these to be challenging not only in our own minds but also in relationship with those around us.

The Seraph Temier, in his divine wisdom, has given us lessons and techniques not only to learn and understand our path in life, but also to balance the situations we see in the news especially in relation to polarization and fake news prevalent today.  


Rue Eisen has been authorized as a teacher of Temier’s work by Sam Holland. Five online meditation classes, which form a natural unit, are being offered with group classes held every other week on Zoom. The meditations are guided meditations initially given by Temier. They typically run for approximately one hour and include time for questions and discussion. A recording of each class will be emailed to you after the class.

About Me, Rue Eisen

Having had careers in corporate banking management, educational administration and social service administration, and having become a wife and mother, I began to feel the need to expand my traditional spiritual background and learn to meditate. My spiritual path ultimately led me to studying with the rare merged mediumship of Sam Holland and Temier, which has brought me tremendous insight and enrichment. These teachings have changed my life in so many positive ways.

"Now there are many different perspectives as to the energy that created the Universe. Some people would call it God. Some people call it the Creative Force. Many, many different religions, have many different ways of looking at it. But we have no option because of the fact that we are a Seraphim, to look at it from the point of view that is Universal in nature. There is an energy that was the formation energy of the Universe. And whether you want to look at that as an evolutionary energy, or whether you want to look at that as an intelligent energy, does not really matter. It gets to the same place.

But humanity's goal then, is to return to that consciousness that existed at the time of the Big Bang, and has evolved through humanity's evolutionary process."


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